Saturday, April 27, 2013



Well, I’ve been a bit busy at work, so I didn’t have time to update the blog, let me just say that I went down to DC to catch the Cherry Blossoms again, and the streets were closed and I missed the sunrise… So once again, I failed this year…

Luckily, like last year, there’s a beautiful Cherry Tree in my house, so I took a couple of pictures of if instead.

Spring 0413-0010

Spring 0413-0019

Also, I went down to Florida (I know, what a surprise), and spent time with my sisters, but more importantly, with grandpa (who I hadn’t seen in two years), I need to spent more time with the old man, as (and this is gonna sound worse than I intend to), he has more days behind than ahead (see what I meant?).

Spring 0422-0189Spring 0422-0191Spring 0422-0202

Also, I spent some time playing with strobes, and teaching Patty how to use them (we’ll wait for her to edit her pictures, in the meantime, the ones I took)

Spring 0422-0248

Spring 0422-0254bw

And well, now to the title and first image, last week TWiP discussed one of my images, I’m attaching the image again, and the video here


(The critique starts at 56 minutes, or you can follow this LINK)

A million thanks to Frederick, Ron, and Valerie. Also to TWiP in general, been listening to that show for a while, and even on slow weeks, the show is a blast. To prove that I listened to Valerie and Ron, I edited the picture and here’s the result.


and to proved I listened to Frederick too


Couldn’t find a model, Frederick, but I drew one…

Thank you very much for reading go follow TWiP (and the hosts), and have a nice weekend

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  1. If you want to see them... go to Flickr! :P