Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wow… do I like taking long hiatus or what?


I won't make excuses, I suck, but life is starting to slow the hell down (so I'll have even less excuses now... yay).



Anyway, I got a new job, I got back to my studies (I dropped them for a little bit), and I got a new outlook on life… it is basically the same old outlook, but a little bit less gloomy.

I keep going back to old images and trying to fix them or change them, and I think that is taking too much of my time, so I’m planning on dumping all my images into a couple of external drives, and start fresh.

Also looking forward to July, got a photographer, friend, and sometimes psychoanalyst, coming over to the city (Patty, she was already mentioned HERE, and she rocks), and I’m excited to go out and take pictures with her (B&B Photography 4-Ever, bitches). She just got done with a photoshoot for a kid’s birthday party (a common friend’s son), and her pictures were amazing, here are some I help edit:








She has a great eye for detail, and when I’m done with her, she’ll also have the skills with Photoshop.

Also, my lil Rebel body (I’m talking about my camera), is getting a little bit old and I feel like it is time to retire it and move to my next camera. I’m planning on getting a new camera body within the next couple of months, I’m torn between the Canon EOS 50D (Pros: cheaper, Faster FPS, Con: I would have to replace all my SD cards with CF cards, thus negating any money savings, and the ISO performance is below the 40D) and the 60D (Pros: build in E-TTL transmitter, Video, newer camera model, I can use my old SD cards. Cons: Cheaper made body, Video will make me use more space [HDD, faster SD cards, etc], bigger file size will burn my drives muuuuuch faster)… I will probably go with the 60D just because it is newer though (also the image quality, which seems to improve from the 50D).

Well, I’ll keep trying to maintain this blog up to date, and I hope to see you soon.

Andres Trujillo
Horrible blogger