Sunday, October 30, 2011



Well, another day, another skill learned. I've been studying Photoshop like a mad man, and I will be taking the A.C.E. (Adobe Certified Expert) test by mid-November. Also, I just got done with my first photo shoot. I took some pictures for a comedian/actor friend and I'm quite proud of the results, I do have to admit that I realize I didn't have a fucking plan until I got the location... I had some ideas I knew I could pull out of my ass if I hit a wall, but it was all pretty straight forward and we got done pretty fast.

here are some pictures:

I wish I have had more time for the shoot (as well as I wish I have had more of a plan), lesson learned though, I will try to set up another shoot with Mike, and I need to start developing more ideas and game plans for my next couple of shots. I'm very excited about a family shoot I have today, also, I'm deadly afraid of messing up.... and boy, do I like the feeling of anticipation for this shot.

Other than that, I've been a lot more involved with my Tumblr account than anything else, but I will take it in a new direction, starting now, I will use it to post behind the scenes, and random shots from other photo shoots (not to mention to reblog images I might find interesting), kinda like a repository for ideas.

I'm trying to make my hobby work for me, and hopefully, pay for itself. I realize that photography is not a cheap hobby to get into (but what is it, am I right?), so in order to grow, and hopefully make it a bigger part of my life, I will start trying to make money out of it (“If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life”, blah, blah, blah.), so I will continue updating this Blog as a “Journal” of this new direction I'm taking, and hopefully it will be a fun trip.

Here are some other pictures I've done recently:

This were the news the day I uploaded my Craigslist add 

Andres Trujillo
Trujillo-Prince Photography
Metro Area Photographer

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New beginnings

First and foremost, let me apologize for the hiatus, I had some things going on (family emergencies, etc.) that kept me from the virtual world, but I should be back for good now.

So, in a new twist in my life, I have decided to go the “Graphic Design” route for my career (I always had the inclination towards graphic arts), and I started my photo business. I will be posting a virtual journal of this new adventure.

In the meantime (and while I get the ball rolling so I have something to write about), here are some pictures.