Sunday, February 10, 2013

Want better pictures? Then, go away…

Miami 02012013-14

I’ve noticed that I have a hard time coming up with good pictures when I’m home. I come back with the same old pictures, same framing, same “safe” shots… it’s, to say the least, frustrating. In direct contrast, I get pictures I’m much happier with, when I go out of town (and to a lesser extend, when people from out of town come to shoot with me). So forget about the new lens/camera/strap/gizmo, and invest on a plane ticket (it doesn’t have to be Tibet, I’ve been going to Miami), it will do great things to your photography.

  20130204_0037    20130204_005120130204_0062 

I recently ordered a set of cheap ND Filters, and inspired by other photographer’s use of them, I started mixed them with off camera flash for portraits. This 3 are my first try at them, so I will have to play a bit more with them before I can say if it will be something I want to continue doing or if it was just a nice try, and move on. I will however say, the neutral part of the “Neutral Density” is a lie, there’s a purpleish color cast added to the pictures, it isn’t so bad (and easy fix in Lightroom/Camera RAW), but it is very evident when opening the pictures straight out of camera (not trying to discourage you from buying them, as I am, so far, reasonably happy with them. However, be aware of the problems).

And that’s it for now, I will be back in Florida next week, and I will take some more portraits, until then, here are some pictures


20130204_001620130204_010120130204_0114 Miami 02012013-1      Miami 02012013-7Miami 02012013-11Miami 02012013-12Miami 02012013-15Miami 02012013-17 Miami 02012013-18      Miami 02012013-19Miami 02012013-3

Thank you very much


Andres Trujillo
NOVA Photographer