Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Vacation over...


Well, winter is over in the BLB household, we took some time off to host family and friends, and after the little vacation, we dusted our cameras, light modifiers, lenses, and ourselves, and we are ready to get back to the hustle.

We had family over for New Year's, and after dinner, we pulled a light, the big momma octa, and had some fun.

New Year-5.jpg

New Year-9.jpg

New Year-10.jpg

New Year-13.jpg

New Year-18.jpg

New Year-20.jpg

New Year-29.jpg

New Year-33.jpg

New Year-34.jpg

New Year-36.jpg

New Year-38.jpg

New Year-42.jpg

New Year-46.jpg

New Year-49.jpg

New Year-50.jpg

New Year-52.jpg

New Year-53.jpg

New Year-54.jpg

New Year-55.jpg

New Year-56.jpg

New Year-60.jpg

New Year-68.jpg

New Year-75.jpg

New Year-77.jpg

New Year-83.jpg

New Year-89.jpg

New Year-90.jpg

New Year-91.jpg

New Year-95.jpg

New Year-102.jpg

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