Friday, April 8, 2011

Another Day

So I'm sitting, watching "Too Tough To Die: A Tribute to Johnny Ramone", smoking a cigarette and drinking my morning coffee, later I'll be listening to Rise Against's "Endgame" and this got me thinking, a couple of days back, a friend tagged me on a video promo for this CD on Facebook, I liked, and went out and bought the CD.... 10 years ago this would not have happened. I didn't have the money, nor a place where I could get alternative (Punk Rock, Ska, etc) music close by. I think this was one of the motivations behind my move to the U.S. (well, not exactly the music, but the opportunity to better my life).

Today I have so many more opportunities than I used to have, and I think sometimes I take them for granted.

Anyway, in other news, I asked a good friend (Serge Gerlach) to title some of my pics on Flickr and he came up with a lot of crazy shit, I'll be changing titles for a while, but you can see the new titles on the comments of the pics.

That's all for today, I'll be back soon

Friday, April 1, 2011

The City

(This post was originally written on March, 27th, just got around to post it today)
The city is beneath my wheels, it's a beautiful day, the traffic isn't so bad, except for some regular choke points throughout the city, life is good.

I see people going about their business, pretty girls hurrying to their offices, rugged construction workers walking to their job sites, bicycles zipping by, also the people going on their morning runs (I hate you, you healthy bastards), I drive and take the city in, we're a sea of anonymous faces, I"m the only one (I can see) that is recording this moments with my camera, the beauty of people (of all walks of life), going about their days. It does make me a little self aware (god dammit, I just noticed a hair growing out of my ear), I can't be the only person taking pictures right here right now, can I? it doesn't matter ('cause I look good today <joke>), I'm just enjoying the city while I'm in one of those increasingly rare good moods.

Spring is here, although you wouldn't have guessed it by looking at people, it's pretty cold still. I need to make a point to come to the city during my days off, shooting on red lights is getting really old.

Last week was my 4 years anniversary (marriage), and we had a blast, we went for brunch and decided to spend the rest of the afternoon sick (awesome brunch @ the Tap Room...), it was awesome.... Anyway, I decided to continue the celebration on Sunday, so I brought some flowers for my honey and I cooked an amazing dinner, and now, all is good in the world.

Here are some pics, I will be posting more pictures on my Flickr Photostream soon