Friday, May 20, 2011

Damn is been a while

So I've been busy with life and I haven't been able to update my Flickr account or blog.... well, that's a lie, I just got a new phone, and I've been busy playing with it, so much so that I had forgotten to use my computer at all, now I got close to 5000 images to edit, and really no patience to get the job done..... C'est La Vie!

Well, there are a couple of photographers I've been looking at for inspiration, one is Lucy Shires (Lovely Like Custard in Flickr)
Yup, I'm trying QR Codes now

Her work with Macro photography and her style of lighting is inspiring, plus she is a very nice person who has great imagination (which shows in her photostream), and... well, just check out her work and see for yourself.

The other one is Patty (Patty Pinies in Flickr)

and even though I haven't seen all her portfolio, I do have to say that I love her landscape and portrait photography, it's simple, yet it shows that she has a great eye for details (also, for disclaimer purposes, she is my best friend's best friend, so I could see how people might say I'm bias towards saying she's good, but I swear I'm trying to be fair here).

Well, regarding my own work, I've been kinda uninspired lately, I definitively believe that the Voyeur  set is done, I'm bored, I don't want to do it anymore, I will continue to do street photography, but I will change the approach, I will go for a more Sartorialist (THAT GUY FUCKING ROCKS STREET FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY), and less "creepy guy with the camera three blocks away". But hey, who knows, I might still generate some sniper shots.

Also, there's a big antiquing show this coming weekend, and the wife is gonna drag me (ok, it ain't like I'm kicking and screaming), to it. I will try to start a "100 strangers" set, and hopefully I can find some old camera equipment there.

There isn't much else going on, I'm editing images, so I will probably upload some tonite to my Flickr Photostream so keep an eye out for it.

Have a great day

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