Thursday, December 15, 2011

I hanged out with a Latin R&B producer and performer, and all I got are these pictures


Well, if any of my punk rocker friends ever find out, I will be in trouble… then again, I would have to give a fuck to really be in trouble.

So I did a photoshoot/promo material shoot for a coworker, a very young and talented kid that goes by the name of DJ-Jet, you can find some of his music HERE.


I’m not particularly fond of his type of music, as I grew with reggae, ska, and punk rock blasting (or as much as reggae can “blast”) thru my headphones. So I was a little bit doubtful about doing this job, because I didn’t know if we were gonna find a common ground to make his vision come thru. I’m happy I did the shoot though, even if I don’t listen to his music on a regular basis, I can recognize that the kid is talented, both as a performer and a producer.

Here are some more of the pictures:



20111212_0073 2



…But I still won’t listen to his pansy music on a regular basis <Joking>


Andres Trujillo

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