Friday, October 8, 2010

Winter is around the freaking corner...

And this time I'm ready,

As some of you know, my wife and I moved to VA back in February, we drove our moving truck from Boca Raton, FL to Sterling, VA.... 22 hours, we left earlier than planed (We left on a Thursday night) because it was supposed to snow on Friday.... My wife was so happy because I was going to see snow for the first time... Well, at some point between FL and VA the advisory changed from "it is going to snow" to "Blizzard of 2010".... needless to say, I wasn't ready for that.

It was my first time seeing snow and it hit us 10 minutes in the Virginia State line, so let alone driving thru it, the wife wanted to pull over and call it a day, me, been a man, decided to at least try to keep going (in retrospective, bad choice, couldn't go over 30 mph, but also excellent choice because we would have been stuck in Emporia, VA or something), we kept on driving and arrive safely, but I had kept off buying a snow coat to the last second and the plan was to stop somewhere and buy a cheap one to get me thru the first winter.... Couldn't find one until a week later, luckily we first arrived at friends and they loan me one (it was funny realizing that my sherpa hoodie wasn't gonna cut it as soon as I got out of the truck and 5 seconds in I'm soaking wet).

So this time I'm ready, bought a couple of snow coats, my snow boots and plan on buying a pair of snow board pants... so you know what this means off course... this year it won't freaking snow....

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