Friday, October 1, 2010

Desktop Sumotori

desktop sumotori
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So, I've been thinking about a pictorial regarding the place of combat (boxing, wrestling, kickboxing, sword fighting, etc), in the modern world.

Obviously, in the civilized world, we do not have duels, or the need to learn to wield a sword; so what is the purpose why we subject ourselves to (sometimes) rigorous training to achieve proficiency in something that has no real use in the real world? Self defense? I would believe that it is easier to buy a gun or Tazer, is it for fitness? I would thing that going to a gym would be much easier too; so what is it that motivates us?

I gotta say that in my case, it's a social tool, it allows me to go out of my comfort zone and engage in a social activity, also, that part of the male brain that gauges any other male in simple terms (would I be able to kick your butt?), it helps feed the ego, knowing that you can take somebody down at will helps you be more relaxed (plus, after a long week of work, nothing releases the stress like choking or putting somebody on an armbar XD)

What are your thoughts?

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