Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lights, budget wizards, and the value of hard work

Jorge's B-Day-108

So, I’ve sold my Rebel Xsi and Canon 18-55 kit lens, and I upgraded to a second hand Canon 50D (yay, for me), many thanks to Mr Kerry Garrison and Camera Dojo (the man answered all the questions I had for him, and really guided me to the best option from the ones I had on the table). I also picked up a set of budget wizards (or as Kerry calls them “poverty wizards”), and I’m now working on my off camera flash technique. I think I’m almost done with camera equipment, I still want to upgrade my Tamron 70-300 variable aperture, as it is a little bit soft at the wide and full zoom range, and even though I’m looking at the Canon 70-200 F/4 L lens, I might go lower on the totem pole and get the 75-300 IS lens…. We’ll see, I will definitively be renting the 70-300 F/4 and the 85 F/1.8 (both by Canon), for the July 4th week. But I think that most of my money will start going towards education and getting better at the craft now (Books, classes, etc), and I’m particularly looking at Peachpit’s online library for resources (rather than spending on a shit ton of paper books I will have no space for)…. We’ll see.



I’ve been listening to a lot of old podcast (TWIP, Camera Dojo, Range Finder Radio), and realized how different is the motivation I get from different photographers (for example: Zack Arias depresses me for my lack of knowledge, but makes me want to be better. David Duchemin inspires me to take better pictures and be a better person. Joe McNally/Scott Kelby/Joey L just make me smile and their images inspire me).



Also, a new personal project is starting to take shape, and I probably will start shooting for it after July 4th, thanks in great part to Stephen Poff’s (and Tristan Penner), own project, I will be taking a picture a week for a year, mostly to practice camera and lighting techniques, hopefully I’ll find enough people, and when I don’t have a subject, I will take a self portrait…. Yeah, I know, I hope I find enough people too.


In other news, Pat (who I’ve mentioned a couple of times) is getting ready to launch a blog on travel/life style and photography, and I’m waiting anxiously to start reading it (hopefully she’ll give me an interview). I don’t get tired of saying it, that woman has a great eye and taste for photography.

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  1. Two things, I might also upgrade my sticks (tripod), so if you have any suggestions, lemme know.

    Also, the best time to ask me to do something is 5 minutes after I read or heard something by David Duchemin.... then the magic is gone :-)

  2. I will... just stop the pressure, hehehe... :P Will make sure to have the Duchemin books handy ;)