Thursday, June 23, 2011

Back to old tricks

Yeah, I know I mentioned that I was tired of the whole "Voyeur" thing, but I still have a ton of pictures in the drives that I hadn't process, so for a while I will continue to pop out a couple of these pictures here and there.

Well, I'm sitting here drinking my morning coffee, smoking a cigarette, reading both photography (Scott Kelby's new book on retouching) and Martial Arts (Sam Sheridan's The Fighter's Mind) books, editing pics and sucking at each individual task (the coffee is cold, I probably got only a couple of puffs on the cigarette, Kelby's book is telling me to punch the camera, Sheridan's is telling me to bring a tablet to my next fight.... it is kinda confusing). But having a blast on my day off, so I guess is kinda worth it.

In other news, I'm really excited (and I'm shitting my pants) about the start of my Judo classes, can't wait to start and to share what I know (also looking forward to getting back into competition shape.... in shape I am not right now).

Well, end of my rant, as always, you can see more pictures HERE.

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