Monday, May 11, 2015


RTG Jonathan BJJ

A little while ago, my good buddy Jonathan ("The Rhino"), got sponsored due to his mad (if really annoying when you go against him) skills. and then,  somehow, I became his official photographer. 

We did a little test shoot to showcase the brand (Respect The Grind), and one of their products (now discontinued), and we also did a second shoot for his training before the ADCC trials (one of the biggest competitions and platforms in the sport).

For the test shoot, it was a three light setup most of the time, I didn't bring lightstands, so most of the time the lights are directly on the floor or propped in imaginative ways in the gym's columns. 


For the rolling it was all natural light, there was a bank of mirrors on the opposite wall to the main window, so the fill in was pretty good (on most angles), I would have loved to use speedlites on this shoot, but I did not have an assistant (I was going there to train, the photoshoot was very impromptu).

warm up-19.jpg
warm up-20.jpg
warm up-21.jpg
warm up-3.jpg
warm up-4.jpg
warm up-5.jpg
warm up-6.jpg
warm up-8 copy.jpg
warm up-9.jpg
warm up-10.jpg
warm up-11.jpg
warm up-15.jpg
warm up-18.jpg

This pictures gave way to an idea of a bigger pictorial project I want to accomplish, and hopefully it'll get done for publication, soon. In the meantime, here are some of Jonathan's shots from the project and some from an event.

Estima Seminar-51.jpg
Estima Seminar-35.jpg
Jiujiteiros Miameros-44 copy.jpg
Jiujiteiros Miameros-45.jpg
Estima Seminar-61.jpg
Jiujiteiros Miameros-6.jpg
Jiujiteiros Miameros-11.jpg
Estima Seminar-53.jpg
Jiujiteiros Miameros-42.jpg

Thank you for reading.

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