Monday, January 21, 2013

Short and sweet

Day 02 Fall Weekend-97

Well, I’m back.

Not much new since last I wrote, I did the Kelby Photowalk (met some great photographers in it), I won a Camera Dojo contest (a million thanks to Fundy Software’s Andrew Funderburg, and Kerry Garrison from Camera Dojo, I will be writing a review in the near future), I’ve been spending a lot of time in Florida, and spent Christmas with Pat (love you, thanks for reminding me to write, now it is your turn… no pressure), and she got me a Canon 7D (she inherited my Canon 50D), got rid of my 70-300 and replaced it with a Canon 85mm (I LOVE THAT LENS, again, million thanks to Pat), got a new roommate who got me back on the mat (Brazilian Jiujitsu FTW).


I will write a little bit more of this past year and changes during the week, hopefully.

Day 02 Fall Weekend Portraits-2

Day 02 Fall Weekend-22

Day 02 Fall Weekend-48

Day 02 Fall Weekend-57

Day 03 Fall Weekend-8

Pizzeria Paradiso PhotoWalk_2012-15





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