Sunday, July 15, 2012

Defining One Self

Blog post-10

Many things define me artistically, many more inspire me… do they define me as an individual? I do not know, I know that I am a product of many years of trial and error, big mistakes shrouded in good intentions, I’ve won… I most certainly lost… And I’ll win again… It is a cycle. At the end of the day, I just don’t want to be defined by no one else, just me and my camera/laptop/paper and pencil/guitar.

Anyway, as I mentioned before, I took a short vacation and stayed on the District side, I needed to decompress and dedicate myself to my photography. The plan was to come up with a whole new portfolio (particularly for my street photography), but I came up short in that. I did however accomplish so much in other areas, it was worth it.

July 4th-9

I’ve never really been on Alexandria, and I spent two days taking pictures of Old Town, particularly the water front, and I came up with a lot of pictures of birds… which wasn’t what I intended originally to shoot, but I am happy with the results. I also got to rent and test the 70-200 F/4 from Canon, and I got to say, I freaking love that lens, I wish it had a little more reach, but I love the results even at the far end of the zoom.

July 4th-11

Got to reconnect with some old friends…

July 4th Second Batch-37

July 4th Second Batch-5

And made a new friend for life…
July 4th-26

but mostly, birds…

July 4th-1
July 4th-8
July 4th-10
July 4th-12
July 4th-13
July 4th-15
Evil Eye FTW
July 4th-14
July 4th-19
July 4th-20
July 4th-21
July 4th-22
July 4th-30
July 4th-31
July 4th-32
This is how I feel about your "art"

Many, many thanks to Pat (for putting up with me for the better part of a week), BorrowLenses (for making lens rentals so easy and helping me when I had troubles with FedEx), Rob, OJ (for being the best old people, and friends I know).

And retaking the original idea at the beginning of the post… Do not… I repeat, DO NOT, let anybody else vision define you, you (me, we, everybody) are unique, celebrate that.

I did not create this, but to the person who did "FUCKING THANK YOU"
Thanks for reading, here are some more images I took.

July 4th-2
July 4th-3
July 4th-4
Ukulele Punk... I WANT
July 4th-5
July 4th-6
July 4th-7
July 4th-18
July 4th-23
July 4th-24
July 4th-25
July 4th-27
July 4th-28
July 4th-29     July 4th-33
July 4th-34
July 4th-39
July 4th-40
July 4th-41
July 4th-44      July 4th-45
July 4th-46
July 4th-48
July 4th-52
July 4th-53
July 4th-54
July 4th-57
July 4th-58
July 4th-59
July 4th-61
July 4th Second Batch-1      July 4th Second Batch-2
July 4th Second Batch-3
July 4th Second Batch-4
July 4th Second Batch-5
July 4th Second Batch-6
July 4th Second Batch-24
BOOM... Headshot... I know, that was of terrible taste... Still
July 4th Second Batch-7
July 4th Second Batch-8
July 4th Second Batch-9
July 4th Second Batch-10
July 4th Second Batch-11
July 4th Second Batch-12
July 4th Second Batch-13
July 4th Second Batch-14
July 4th Second Batch-15
Very bad quality... but that is "Finding Nemo" right there
July 4th Second Batch-16
July 4th Second Batch-17
July 4th Second Batch-18
July 4th Second Batch-19
July 4th Second Batch-20
July 4th Second Batch-22
July 4th Second Batch-23
July 4th Second Batch-25
July 4th Second Batch-26
July 4th Second Batch-27
July 4th Second Batch-21      July 4th Second Batch-28
July 4th Second Batch-29
July 4th Second Batch-30
July 4th Second Batch-31
July 4th Second Batch-32
July 4th Second Batch-33
July 4th Second Batch-34
July 4th Second Batch-35
July 4th Second Batch-36

July 4th Second Batch-38
July 4th Second Batch-39
July 4th-62


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