Monday, November 7, 2011


It was an interesting weekend, full of growing and new experiences and outlook, I didn't care much for it...

First, I saw a leprechaun (ok, it was a guy dressed as a leprechaun, I did take a picture, but I can't seem to find it.... ain't that normal for mythical creatures), then I stepped in dog crap.... twice... needless to say, I was very lucky during my photo shoot. It was an interesting experience, and I am very thankful that the people involved were old friends as I was pretty nervous and I appreciate the help received, my wife and one of the subjects became the directors to more than a couple of shots, I was just a monkey pressing a clicker.

Here you can see some of the outtakes:

I won't post the finished pictures yet, as the pictures have not been delivered (I will be posting them on my next update), but here are a couple of pictures from my previous photo shoot for The IPI (International Psychotherapy Institute) dinner gala, here are some of my pictures from that night.

IMG_5602 2IMG_5640IMG_5851IMG_5864IMG_5871IMG_5874_1IMG_5892IMG_5909IMG_5960 2IMG_5964

Thank You

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